Orchid Valley Delight Tropical Drink 250ml

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For best results, store in a cool dry place. Grocery shopping can be quite tedious and time consuming, so we have made it our duty to get you your table sauces Supplies on time and at your convenience. Orchid Valley is a Natural juice made from real pulp and concentrates. Orchid Valley Delight is a nectar range of juices with natural juice/pulp and are price friendly.

Procured locally through All fruit EPZ Kenya Ltd which is a subsidiary of PFIL and also a member of IPS group of companies. Our pulp is high quality and natural sweet to taste. Through our farming program, we support over 20,000 small scale farmers. A success story is how we have greatly transformed Shimba hills by providing jobs and by significantly reducing poverty levels.

These products do not have artificial colors or artificial flavors.


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