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The Naturalium Fruit Pleasure shower gel range is a necessary part of your daily hygiene. It cleans the skin all over your body gently and carefully and gives it the hydration it needs.Naturalium from Beauty Emotions supplies first-class cosmetics products. Each one of them reflects their desire for simplicity and a return to nature. Naturalium products are famed for their enchanting scents most of all, reviving long-forgotten memories and evoking strong, positive emotions. In this context it should be mentioned that Naturalium offers several thematic ranges for example coconut, mango, and more. Naturalium products are easy to apply and fast-acting. They include argan, almond, and shea extracts, as well as other proven ingredients. Naturalium cosmetics are very effective and safe. Regular use will not break the bank. Naturalium is sure to appeal to anyone who wants to emphasize uniqueness and individuality, is seeking quality for a reasonable price. KEY FEATURES 0% PARABENS,COLARANTS,PHTHALATES A SKIN NOURISHING FORMULA THAT BRINGS YOUR SKIN TOTAL SOFTNESS AND CARE WASHES THE SKIN AND GETS RID OF DIRT MAKES SKIN FEELS COMFORTABLE AND CLEAN


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