Generic GOXI LED Modern Ceiling Light Round Flush Mount Fixture Bedroom Pendant Lighting 110-0V


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Modern Design LED Ceiling Lighting

Novel design:

LED ceiling light ,Unique circuit design, using high-performance constant-current drive,thereby achieving a highly efficient energy-saving purposes.

The surface shell with special aluminumalloy,have good heat dissipation,beautiful appearance.installation and replacement. safe and convenientusage.

Efficient and energy-saving:

With high-performance constant-current power supply, conversionefficiency is greater than 90%, 60% energy saving, lifespan is up to 30000-50000 hours.

Stable Performance:

Apply to AC100-240V 50-60Hz wide voltage, broad frequency input, ACconversed to DC, reducing LED decay, starting fast, no flicker, hard to damage product under frequentturning on and off.

Environment friendly:

Using new LED light source, no mercury, lead and other hazardous substance,no pollution to environment. It will not produce ultraviolet and infrared and other rays, causing very lowheat, no attraction to mosquitoes, very clean and healthy for indoor usage. The product is recyclable.


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