Fashion 12Pcs Makeup Brushes Foundation Burshes With Organizer Bag


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Brush Material: Synthetic Hair
Handle Material: Wood Handle
Brush Items Per Set: 12 Handle
Suitable for: Full face makeup
Style: Angular Blush, Flat Brush, Smudge Brush, Fan Brush
Packing: PU bag packing
Type: Multi-Function Beauty Equipment


  • 【Material: Brushes are very soft and silky to the touch with high-density synthetic hairs, safe for sensitive skin and easy to clean.
  • 【Make up brushes including:】Foundation Brush,Blush Brush,Mascara Brush,Concealer Brush,Eye Shadow Brush,Scattered Brush,Hightlighter Brush,Contour Brush
  • 【Poratble carry :】 Gorgeous white soft leather bag, easy to collect and carry brushes especially in travel or outdoor, keeping them clean and organized

【How to use:】

  • Applying a small amount of powder or eyeshadow with the side of brush and then shaking residual powder.Finally,sweeping,pressing or drawing in circle. It is better to apply a few and many times.

【Cleaning procedures:】

  • 1.Put it in facial tissue and lightly rub along the direction of hair to remove the residual cosmetics after applying.
  • 2.Soak it with special detergent and clean it along hair, then wash under cold water. Finally, press with clean towel lightly to make it dry.
  • 3. You can choose to apply hair tonic to make it softer.
  • 4.Keep it in a dry and ventilated place after cleaning.


  • 1.Do not dry with a hair dryer or dry in the sun, otherwise the hair may be damaged.
  • 2.Remember that you can not rub or force strongly. Brush is a fine artwork. You grasp it more vigorously, the hair more easily to be damaged.


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