Boschmann Professional Parametric Graphic Equalizer – EQX-75 PRO


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Boschmann gives you the best sound quality in your car with the 7-Band and Pre-amp Equalizer. Gives equalizer controls your vehicle’s internal and external environment. From road noise, the sizes and shapes of interiors, to even the reflectivity of the glass, this equalizer modifies interior sound to perfection. With the Boschmann EQX, you can modify 7 bands to produce the best listening experience. Place your order for this item online from Ndiema and have it delivered straight to your doorstep.

Superior Audio Quality

This Boschmann EQX is perfect for running your high-powered speakers or sub woofer. Seamless features, such as self-activating on board protection system, external amplifier level controls, this graphic equalizer has been designed for optimal performance! This graphic equalizer has backlit illumination that makes it look really cool and is made of germanium alloy finished high density metal that keeps it protected from shock and other physical damage.


  • Professional Parametric Equalizer with Low Pass Cross-Over
  • Subwoofer Output and Control
  • 13 Volts Peak line driver
  • Two Backlight Illumination Red/Green
  • Transparent Top Cover Panel
  • One-Half Din Size Chassis
  • Black chassis only


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