BiancoNero White Sparkling 20cl Alcohol 7.5%


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Tasting Notes BiancoNero White Sparkling wine is made from grapes of Hamburg and Muscat variety and characterized by floral aromas of rose and lemon blossom, fruity aromas of peach and tangerine, leaving a sense of white tea on the nose. It is pretty sweet on the palate; very floral with rose and lemon blossom and an acidic age. Also evident on the palate are notes of apple fruit, lemongrass, peach, and tangerine, leading to a crisp edge in the finish. Food Pairing BiancoNero White Sparkling is a wine that accompanies every moment of the day, whether a lunch break with light dishes, an aperitif in the afternoon, or an opening for a luscious Sunday morning brunch. Given its cool and zesty character, the wine can be drunk on its own, with fruits, finger food or creamy desserts.


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