Axe Mens Deodorant Ice Chill 150ml


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It is a subtle woody-aromatic fragrance, combined with a blend of fresh watermelon, warm shades of bergamot, sparkling mandarin and frozen pear. This, together with an intense spicy-sweet touch of cardamom, will get senses tingling. Simply shake, twist and spray or apply a few roll-on strokes to help you find your magic. Axe Body Spray for men keeps you fresh for all day with a sophisticated fresh scent. All that to protect your style. Impeccably. How to use it? Just a quick spray across the chest in the morning to prevent you from style-threatening odour and to help you smell fresh. Whatever the occasion, it lasts all day long. What is so special about it? With the unique fragrance it not only protects you from body odour but it also has a fresh scent that takes you from day to night. What’s more this deodorant for men is also an aluminium free deodorant! Wondering why the can says AXE Daily Fragrance? AXE Body Spray for men is now known as AXE Daily Fragrance. The same great scents that you know and love, now with fresh redesigned packaging. Want more? To refine your style even more get showered with Axe Body Wash for men GOLD and try Axe GOLD Antiperspirant Aerosol Anti-marks to protect you from white and yellow marks! And don’t forget to check out our other AXE Body Sprays.


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