Asus X543M GQ554T , 15.6”, 4GB RAM + 500GB HDD, Intel Celeron, Windows – Star Grey

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Classic, timeless design elegant, reliable and convenient to use the new notebook series X stands up finish in concentric patterns inspired by the philosophy of Zen. His profile is 5% thinner than previous notebooks in this series.
USB port with charging function
The next trip pack one less cable. The notebook allows you to charge many different devices portable, eg. Telephones, MP3 players, directly through the USB charging port, without the charger or AC adapter. You save space and time.
A separate numeric keypad
The notebook is equipped with a separate numeric keypad. Thanks to comfort in office applications will be as high as on a desktop computer. Entering long strings of digits will no longer torment!
Universal Memory Card Reader
Built-in universal card reader flash allows you to quickly transfer photos from your camera or camcorder, facilitates the exchange of files between the laptop and the phone, tablet, navigation and other devices that use memory cards.
Full mobility with wireless connectivity.
With support for wireless Wi-Fi 802.11n allows for higher data rates and more bandwidth. This allows you to enjoy quick downloading and streaming of large multimedia files, a full range of communications applications, help enhance your communications with friends and family.
Freedom and comfort connection
Multimedia Interface high definition – is a digital interface for audio/video cable to send a full stream of data without compression. The video data is transmitted using the TMDS technology. HDMI allows you to connect arbitrary, compatible, audio/video devices such as DVD players, Blu-ray players, game consoles, computers, monitors and digital televisions. Connect the notebook to a digital TV, comfortably watch videos, and feel like in the cinema.
Super-fast and versatile USB 3.0
The notebook is equipped with a high-speed USB 3.0 interface. It offers a bandwidth of 5 Gbit / s, which is more than 10 times higher score compared to the older USB 2.0. This allows for a much faster transfer of HD. Loading USB devices is also faster – port provides a current of up to 900mA, while offering power-saving features through the introduction of unused devices in standby mode, or turning it off when not in use.


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